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  • Todd Kohlhepp: The Amazon Review Murderer

    Listen Now On November 3, 2016, police were on the hunt for a missing couple when they found 30 year old Kala Brown chained inside the wall of a metal shipping container on a South Carolina property. Several months earlier, her boyfriend Charles Carver had been shot & killed. Police soon found 2 additional bodies…

  • The Murder of Betsy Aardsma at Penn State

    Listen Now Five decades have passed since the murder of 22-year-old Penn State graduate student, Betsy Aardsma.  The unsolved murder has become a campus urban legend of sorts & those trying to solve the case fear that Betsy‚Äôs story is becoming a faded memory. November 28 of this year (2021) marks 52 years since Betsy…

  • The Murder of Joanna Yeates

    Listen Now On Friday, December 17, 2010, 25-year-old Joanna Yeates spent the evening out with colleagues, enjoying pre-Christmas drinks at the Bristol Ram pub. It would be the last time they would see her. Joanna Clare Yeates was born on April 19, 1985 to David & Teresa Yeates in Hampshire, England. She attended private school…


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