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  • The murder of Jennifer Dulos

    Listen Now! This story is a listener suggestion from Anna Michelle. On Friday, May 24, 2019, mother of five, 50-year-old Jennifer Dulos, vanished near her New Canaan, Connecticut home after dropping her kids off at New Canaan Country School on Frogtown Road at 8 am, just around the corner from her home. Knowing that Jennifer…

  • The disappearance & murder of Lynette Joy Simms (formerly Lyn Dawson)

    Listen Now! It was January of 1982 when 33-year-old Lynette or Lyn Dawson went missing in Sydney, Australia. Lyn was described as a beautiful, warm, funny person. The story of her disappearance didn’t make headlines at that time since she wasn’t initially reported missing. Lyn’s husband, Chris Dawson, worked as a PE teacher at Cromer…

  • The murder of Kim Wall

    Listen Now! 30-year-old Kim Wall was a freelance journalist who was traveling the world from her hometown in Sweden. She had previously done reporting from North Korea, the South Pacific, Uganda, Cuba, Kenya, New York City, the Marshall Islands & Haiti & had written for Harpers, TIME, the New York Times, the Guardian, Vice, the…


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