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  • The Stalking & Murder of Molly McLaren

    Listen Now In June of 2016, 22-year-old Molly McLaren was looking to connect to someone on a personal level; she turned to Tinder & ended up matching with 24-year-old Joshua Stimpson who lived only 9 miles from her. They chatted on the app regularly but didn’t meet in person until November. Before their first date,…

  • Conrad Roy & Michelle Carter: The Texting Suicide

    Listen Now This story takes place in Mattapoisett, MA between 2012 and 2017. In 2012 Michelle Carter & Conrad Roy fell in love. They met in FL in 2012 when Conrad was visiting his great aunt & Michelle was visiting her grandparents. They were introduced by Conrad’s great aunt & the two quickly hit it…

  • The Murder of Rayna Rison

    Listen Now Rayna Rison was born on May 6, 1976 to Ben & Karen Rison in La Porte County, IN. In 1993 16 year old Rayna Rison was a sophomore at La Porte High School. La Porte, IN is a small, normally a very low-key, quiet town without a lot of crime, sitting 70 miles…


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