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  • The murder of Adrienne Shelly

    Become a Patron to Listen! On the night of Halloween in 2006, 40-year-old Adrienne Shelly was busy & distracted, throwing a low-key Halloween party for her almost three-year-old daughter, Sophie, her husband Andy Ostroy & their friends. But under it all, she was also nervous, waiting to see if the movie, Waitress that she wrote,…

  • The story of Marie Adler

    Become a Patron to Listen! In September of 2019, Netflix released a one-season true crime drama called Unbelievable, starring Kaitlyn Dever & Toni Collette. The show was based on the true story of 18-year-old Marie Adler; Marie is actually the victim’s middle name – her full name has never been revealed & it is not…

  • The murder of Ashley Young

    Become a Patron to Listen! This story takes place in 2018 in Michigan.  Thirty one year old Ashley Young was described as a ray of sunshine & a positive force in the lives of those who knew her. It was said that everyone thought she was precious, especially her mom. Ashley was born in 1987…


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