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  • The deaths of Janelle Hornickel & Michael Wamsley

    Listen Now! The weather in Omaha, Nebraska was treacherous on Tuesday, January 4, 2005; there was a snowstorm & the temperature with the windchill was negative ten degrees. Janelle Hornickle & her boyfriend, Michael Wamsley,  were heading home from Kearney, Nebraska back to their apartment in Omaha about 186 miles away; they were both twenty-years-old…

  • The murder of Alisha Sidie

    Become a Patron to Listen! On November 7, 2008, 39-year-old Doug Sidie reported his ex-wife, Alisha, missing.  The two divorced in 2007 but were trying to reconcile & had recently been living together in Hatfield, Wisconsin with their two-year-old twin sons. At the time, 27-year-old Alisha was working as an assistant at a chiropractic office…

  • The murder of Tara Munsey

    Become a Patron to Listen! It was the beginning of a new millennium & 16-year-old Tara Rose Munsey was a sophomore at Radford High School in Radford, Virginia when she suddenly went missing. Tara was born on February 2,1983 in Radford, Virginia to parents Kitty & Bill. Despite her parents divorcing when she was young,…


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